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I commit to dancing to a song every day. And I invite you to join me.

During each MOVE ME cycle a song will be shared to everyone taking part. You might dance to it alone or with others, privately  in your room or publicly for all to see. The only rule is that it happens daily, and for the length of the song there is no repression of physical impulse. This is not about looking good.

It is about being in the now. The dance is a celebration, an improvisation, a meditation, a moment of freedom, a release, a cry, an act of prayer, or whatever you want or need it to be. It aims, above all, to be alive. The daily dance is a training in being alive.

By sharing in a MOVE ME cycle you are connected to people all over the world who will be dancing to the same song on the same day. We are a wave of human motion saying, life is fragile but here I am, here we are. So let’s dance.

a MOVING DUST project by Kate Sagovsky

For more information visit the MOVE ME website // Follow us @MoveMe365 on fb|insta|twitter